What You Didn’t Know About Truth or Dare

January 18 YouTube

The fun parts of Truth or Dare are also some of its most creepy. Warning: This may add a bit more humor to game night or it could totally destroy Truth or Dare for you. Watch at your own risk. You’re welcome 😀  

Why You’ll Rock 2015 New Year Resolutions

January 9 YouTube

It’s that time of the year again people! The time to pay tribute to the hopeless hopefulness of the human spirit. A recurring testament of our amazing abilities to deceive ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for New Year resolutions! So, what lies have you told yourself about becoming a better person in 2015? “Getting in shape?” is a very common one and most of us are familiar with how that usually goes. The perfect picture of yourself hitting theRead More

Let Me Go – Parody [Video]

January 3 YouTube

What happens when you make a singer-songwriter with an iPhone, GarageBand and Final Cut Pro sleep over at the airport in an over-a-week long effort to make it back home for the holidays? She makes a video parody of the situation. After a same-day road trip to and from Austin to Houston, car rentals and lodging expenses beyond my budget, an unplanned road trip to and from Austin to Dallas and a final race from Austin to catch a flight in Houston, I was still unable to get on my transportation home and had to wait atRead More

3 Tips to Survive Coachella [Animation]

April 20 Uncategorized

The Coachella struggle is real and so I come bearing top three preparation tips to make your life just a little less difficult. I originally created this animated video for class but thought it might actually help someone. You’re welcome 😀  

The Language Design Speaks

March 2 Opinion

On the list of the many features that strengthen a message, the elements of graphics design rank high. Like the relationship between body language and speech, visual elements bolster the communication process by creating an additional channel of influence to holistically transmit information in a way that more effectively achieves the intended purpose. It follows that as public relations practitioners who are constantly preoccupied with the obligation to potently communicate, graphics design is an indispensable tool. To harness it, oneRead More