#DearMe, Dear You, Dear Us

March 7 YouTube

If you had the chance to advice a younger version of yourself, what would you say? In commemoration of International Women’s Day, YouTube’s #DearMe initiative calls on women to share advice with their younger selves. Compiling #DearMe videos from social media bigwigs like Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig and Lilly Singh, the video site published a montage to launch the campaign. While the core idea was to inspire and empower young girls everywhere, the campaign is also profoundly revealing another truth. By prompting women all over the world to share their #DearMeRead More

Fifty Shades of Caution

February 19 Opinion

It sold over 100 Million copies worldwide and has been translated into 52 different languages. No, not Harry Potter but another pop culture juggernaut, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” If you haven’t heard about Fifty Shades by now, well hello Sir Underrock, welcome to the past five years. The erotic fan-fiction turned romance novel series sparked a global sensation with its unapologetic depiction of a young, handsome and business-savvy man’s preference for kinky intercourse. Said young, handsome and business-savvy man Christian Grey crosses paths with recent college student Anastasia Steele, sweeping her offRead More

How to Make Valentine

February 14 YouTube

A generous serving of Valentine’s Day ideas … if your plan is to forever ruin Valentine’s Day for you and your partner that is. You’re welcome. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 <3 <3

Two Cents on the 2015 Grammys [Predictions]

February 7 Opinion

I may not be attending the Grammy Awards for yet another year but I will darned well be sitting in front of my TV screen, bowl of popcorn on hand, living vicariously through all those fabulous human beings who I want to become when I grow up. Before they roll out the red carpet for the Recording Academy’s 57th event though, let me roll out some of my predictions for the night. First of all, if this year’s Grammys were to have a theme, it would beRead More

Things That Say Welcome To Nigeria

January 25 YouTube

The temperature may draw regret, crippled amenities may pose a real threat to your health and unstable electricity may incite hurt but Nigeria is an amazing country and I hope the world gets to see it sometime soon. A humorous list at some things people love to hate about Nigeria. Enjoy!