A Year After College

May 15 Blog

I was graduating with honors from the University of Southern California as a Master in Strategic Public Relations – shortly after receiving one of the most jarring disappointments of my budding career. I had been on the precipice of a breakthrough (or so I thought) only to have the rug pulled from underneath me in characteristic, cold-blooded, corporate America fashion. Still reeling from the disappointment, I was unable to bask in my freshly acquired milestone, my masters degree, convincing myself that the reason for my lackRead More

Terminator Genisys – YouTube’s 360 Video in Marketing

June 22 Blog

First look at YouTube’s 360 degree video feature in entertainment marketing with “Terminator Genisys.” Going by the comments section of the video above, its obvious but surprising that a lot of people don’t already know about Youtube’s 360 degree video feature. The world’s most popular video streaming site launched its 360 degree video support platform earlier this year on March 13 and it would seem that Paramount Pictures is ahead of the flock in applying it to marketing efforts as seen in with Terminator Genisys’s onlineRead More

Undateable: Worth A Date

May 24 Review

**May contain spoilers** Summary: Where “Undateable” may fall short in situational build-ups, it compensates for with character depth, a great cast and dedicated performances. “Oh great! Another TV show in which the writers will try to impose attractiveness on a misogynist and normalize his obnoxious antics, a la Charlie Harper on Two And A Half Men.” She thought initially. But it turns out that Danny (Chris D’Elia), the presumed misogynist and co-lead character isn’t completely irredeemable. In fact, his growth as a person from when he meets newRead More

Reading “Americanah”: Part I [Spoilers Ahead]

April 23 Blog

Now that I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel as in wrapping up with grad school, it’s time to get back to reading; the good ‘ol pressure-free kind. Specifically, I have been itching to get all over Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah” and I finally can! Reading Part 1 of the book, my initial observations are that the author is a goddess of description … Okay my very first thoughts were there is no way Ifemelu (the story’s protagonist) is getting any website traffic with blog titles likeRead More

Unexpected Red Carpet Encounters

April 4 Blog

When I signed up to assist with photography at A Place Called Home’s annual “Star & Strikes” fundraising event, I didn’t anticipate that I would meet several of my favorite musicians all in one night. I arrived at the venue looking all casual in a loose shirt, hybrid leather jacket and studded combat boots, immediately feeling out of place in the midst of ladies and gentlemen dressed in clean-cut business casual attire. That should have been my cue that this was kind of, sort of like aRead More